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How to Become a GAA Member



At Tirhatuan Lakes we are providers for Golf Access Australia(GAA). GAA provides the opportunity for social golfers to participate in golf competitions not only at Tirhatuan, but at many other participating venues. We run organised competitions every Saturday,Sunday & Wednesday mornings, so please drop in for an application form and enjoy the fun & challenge of competition - Current joining fee $130p.a.


  • An AGU Affiliate handicap, administered through GOLF Link, giving access to various golf competitions and providing a monitor of progress.

  • AGU Personal Insurance Plan(PIP) which includes cover for loss and damage of clubs, personal liability and personal accident insurance.

  • Resource pack with rules, etiquette, general information and a Golf Link card.

  • Newsletters featuring GAA and Golf Club initiatives, golf industry updates, special offers and various other information.


What is an AGU Affiliate Handicap?

The AGU Affiliate Handicap is for players who are not currently members of golf clubs. It can be used in competitions including open competitions, with the approval of the host club. It is operated and calculated through GOLF Link in the same manner as an AGU Australian Handicap.

What is GOLF Link?

GOLF Link is the AGU's national internet-based handicapping system.

What does the AGU's PIP Scheme cover?

*Loss or Damage: to clubs and other sporting equipment. Limit: $3,500
Personal Liability: for third party personal injury or damage to property: $20,000,000
Personal Accident:
Part A - Defined Minor Injuries and Emergency Transport: $2,000
Part B - Death or permanent disablement: $100,000 (other scheduled benefits for lesser injuries) Weekly loss of income (Excess 14 days): $500

Are there restrictions on who can get an Affiliate Handicap?

Yes. AGU Affiliate Handicaps are not available to golfers who have held an Australian/Club Handicap within the past 2 years at an AGU Member Club.

* The issuer of this product is Zurich Australian Insurance Limited ABN 13 000 296 640 AFS Licence No: 232507 through Golf Australia Insurance Services which is a division of Freeman McMurrick Pty Ltd (ABN 50 006 767 540), AFS Licence Number 236653 and is the only insurance provider endorsed by the Australian Golf Union Inc. Full details of cover are contained in the product disclosure statement and nothing in this summary of cover is to be read as overriding policy terms, conditions and exclusions.


  1. Individual Social Golfers - Golfers who are not Golf Club members and who do not currently hold an AGU Australian Handicap

    • Individuals have the opportunity to gain an AGU Affiliate Handicap to use in competitions and to monitor progress.

    • Individuals can't apply to join the programme directly but can join through an accredited provider or social club — a list of accredited providers will be regularly updated on the golf access website —

    • Individuals may also wish to form their own social club and seek accreditation under GAA (contact the AGU for Accreditation Conditions).

  2. Commercial Providers - Public Golf Centres and other commercial organisations who offer golf services such as corporate days, golf packages, competitions and various other benefits

    • Potential to be endorsed as an accredited provider of GAA and offer services to their members including the AGU Affiliate Handicap maintained by GOLF Link.

  3. Organised Social Clubs - Industry, hotel, and other social groups wishing to play organised and competition golf

    • Potential to be endorsed as an accredited provider of GAA and offer services to their members including the AGU Affiliate Handicap maintained by GOLF Link.

    • If Social clubs do not wish to become accredited, they can still join an accredited provider and be administered by them.

  4. Golf Clubs - Clubs currently affiliated with the AGU and its Member States

    • Affiliated Golf Clubs can benefit from GAA in many ways depending on their current situation and needs. Clubs could choose to:- Set up and administer their own GAA social club- Run events for GAA members- Provide access for AGU Affiliate Handicap holders into some club competitions including open and special days- Market the benefits of joining their club to GAA members who are participating in events at their course- Take advantage of GAA-provided marketing opportunities (newsletters etc) to promote your club.

    • Golf Clubs will also benefit from GAA club development support that will be offered by the AGU, particularly in the areas of:- Marketing & Promotion- Research- Communication & Cooperation- Resource & Programme Development.

  5. Golf Associations — State and District

    • Golf Associations will also be able to operate GAA Clubs for golfers in their area.



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