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Local Rules and Golf Etiquette


Local Rules:

  1. Out of Bounds: All ground outside the boundary line, fences and car park defined by white and black topped stakes, on right side of 1st, 2nd and 3rd holes, and on left side of 11th and 15th fairways.
  2. Lakes: As defined by red stakes. All lakes are lateral water hazards, ball to be dropped at nearest point of relief of entry point, within two clubs' length. Penalty one stroke.
  3. Overhead Wires: Ball striking overhead wires may be replayed. No penalty.
  4. Cracks: Ball lying in or on a crack through the green (refer definition rule 25.1) is to be treated as G.U.R. Ball may be dropped at nearest point of relief within one club length. No Penalty.
  5. Trees and Shrubs: All trees and shrubs under two club lengths in height, relief may be obtained by lifting and dropping ball at nearest point of relief, within one club length, but no nearer the hole.
  6. No Alchohol: to be consumed on course.
  7. Proper Dress: to be worn at all times.

Golf Etiquette:

  • Players must give way to ground staff
  • Keep buggies off tees and greens
  • Ball lost - call other players through
  • Repair divots and ball marks
  • No Practice swings on tees
  • Smooth out bunkers
  • Avoid slow play




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